Leap of Champions is a Leaf Games & Software project, a software house founded in 2016 by 2 Italian boys with a passion for computers and video games.

Nicola Coiro and Michele Calandriello, the founding members of this company, are originally from the same country in the province of Salerno and, since childhood, have always shared a passion for video games.

The approach to the world of video games does not derive from the specific training of the members (Nicola is a graduate in Sociology, while Michele in philosophy), but from the union of passions and the desire to create a new path within a constantly expanding market.

In the years of approach to Leap of Champions, Leaf Games & Software has already entered the market with some casual games for mobile with Puff, Electrobeat, Bounce Master and Bash box.

Thanks to the participation in a Game Jam in Rome, the Leap of Champions project was born evolved with the development of the technical and managerial skills of the 2 founding members and also thanks to the evolution of the development team.

The game was born with Unity3D, but over the years it has been completely redesigned in Unreal4 to get to have the current look.

At the same time, the software house has taken its first steps towards the B2B market, the sector in which it has intention to create a dedicated team, developing websites and web portals, e-commerce and other applications for client companies.